Monday, September 22, 2014

Mouse Trap Car Lab Report

The purpose of our lab was to build a car, powered by the force a mouse trap car produces when the spring is “wound” to travel a distance of at least 7m. We choose a unique design with our car to see if it had any effect on the overall performance of the car.
We did achieve our goal of at least 7m. in all of our final tests.

The materials we used include:
  1. 1Mouse trap
  2. 2 CDs
  3. 1 copper pipe
  4. 1 wooden dowel
  5. 2 small plastic wheels
  6. 2 large screw-in loops
  7. 2 small screw-in loops
  8. hot glue
  9. 1 small spool
  10. 3 screws
  11. duct tape
  12. several washers (for weights)
  13. 2 balloon skins
  14. 1 metal axel
  15. 1 straw
  16. 6 CD center inserts
  17. hacksaw
  18. fishing line
  19. 1 plank of wood
Here are some:
Our Procedure is outlined in this presentation:

Our Trial Times are as follows:
Trial 1
Arm: 00:04.0
Coast: 00:14.7
dist: 11.25m.

Trial 2
Arm: 00:04.2
Coast: 00:14.9
dist: 11.74m.

Trial 3
Arm: 00:04.2
Coast: 00:13.8
dist: 11m.

Trial 4
arm time:4.8
arm dist:4m, 28cm
coast time:5.7
coast dist:3m,8cm

Trial 5
arm time:5.4
arm dist:4m, 23cm
coast time:6.1
coast dist:3m, 53cm

Trial 6
arm time:6.3
arm dist: 4m, 44cm
coast time: 6
coast dist:3m, 22cm

Trial 7
arm time:6
arm dist:4m, 38cm
coast time:6.4
coast dist:3m, 34cm

In conclusion, we found that adding weights slows the acceleration rate but increases the momentum once the arm stops powering it. Also, that adding balloon skins to the wheels greatly adds traction compared to an uncovered wheel, allowing the car to start accelerating easier. Our unique design seemed to make it travel at a bit of a curve but it also seemed to make it travel further than the conventional wheel method.We also reached our goal in all of our trials, minus the trials where technical difficulties occurred such as when the fishing line got stuck on some hot glue or when the mouse trap slammed down too fast and knocked the car on it’s side. We adjusted the weights on the front and the rear wheel configuration the most. In a future experiment, I would attempt replacing the front wheels with something else in order to see the change in performance.

Mouse trap car

This is our Mouse Trap car video